Personal Coaching with Tom Ramsay

If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.



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There’s a tendency to keep to ourselves and just shuffle through life because we think we can do life alone. But once we get stuck, it would be helpful to have someone who will listen, help us sort things out, and pour into us; someone who has been around a bit longer and has a bit more life experience in faith family and relationships. Somewhat like a “personal trainer”, not for the physical but for the spiritual and relational part of life.

After 36 years of working with young adults, married couples, and athletes, I have created this faith-based opportunity for you to have someone who can be in your corner and help you get unstuck.  

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My name is Tom Ramsay and I have been married to Deb for 35+ years, have 2 grown sons and live in Corvallis, Oregon. 

I graduated from Western Seminary, was certified in life coaching, worked in youth and family ministry for 35 years and also served as the chaplain for OSU Beavers Football (9 yrs) and OSU Baseball (2 yrs). 

In my role as a pastor, I have mentored young adults, men, married couples and parents in Faith, Life, Ministry, & Sports for over 35 years. I’ve married 50+ couples and provided pre & post-marital counseling.  My passions are Faith, Family, and Sports. Through this Non-profit, I will be able to meet with about 25 men weekly (over the phone) and sometimes in person. 


1-hour Weekly Phone Call - When we talk we can figure out the best method for that conversation (Voice or Video), and the best time for you to talk (typically 7 am-6 pm Pacific Time M-F)

Topical Study - Over time we will decide together what would be the most helpful for you: Q & A, read & discuss the Bible, and/or read & discuss a book together (I have gone through many books with guys over the years, so if you don’t have an idea, you can suggest the topic and I will likely have a book idea).

Get answers - There might be times where you just need someone to listen or give you counsel about a situation or a relationship; ideally, the goal is to help you learn and grow in life, in relationships, or with God.

If you are married, we can discuss the possibility for your wife to be involved occasionally in our weekly conversations to listen or to participate (as you desire).

Chat Access as Needed - I’ll be in your corner and available to you in between calls, through text messaging, email, or messenger and get back to you within 24 hours.

Face to Face Meetings - Relationships are built over time, and during the year I will have a goal to meet you face to face at least once a year as our schedules permit.

*If you would like to ask some questions before you sign up contact me at with your questions and a contact name & phone number.


$299 /mo

Weekly Phone Calls

Chat Access

Study Materials

Access to the Live Free Community



$2,999 /year

Weekly Phone Calls

Chat Access

Study Materials

Access to the Live Free Community



" Working with Tom has really helped not only understand the cultural complexities and eternal message of the Bible, but also understanding how to apply it to my daily discipleship, keeping me accountable, and most importantly helping me to be able to share the Good News with others. "

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" It didn’t take very long for me to open up to Tom. We’ve been able to talk about any and everything you can think of. Since I’ve been speaking with Tom, my relationship with Jesus has grown. I’ve seen a difference in myself and the way in which I take on life. I would highly recommend everyone to make the first call and see if your outlook on life doesn’t change after speaking with Tom. "

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" All athletes in locker rooms are treated like gods, most are broken people because they can’t get relational and level with someone. You don’t have friends, you have fans. Tom became my best buddy. I thank him so much. "

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“ I’ve enjoyed and appreciated having somebody [like Tom] help steer me in the right direction in life when guidance is needed."

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